The Selkie of Sule Skerry

by Madison Metricula Roberts

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One of my favorite selkie songs



An earthly nurse sits and sings
Aye, she sings and by lily wean
"Little ken I my child's father
Far less the land where he dwells in"

For he came one night to her bed's feet
And a grumbling guest I'm sure was he
Saying, "Here I am, thy child's father
Although I not be comely"

"I am a man upon the land
I am a selkie on the sea
And when I'm gone and far from land
My home it is on the Sule Skerry"

And he has taken a purse of gold
And he has placed it on her knee
Saying, "Give to me my little young son
And take thee up thy nurse's fee"

"And it shall come to pass on a summer's day
When the sun shines bright 'round every stone
I'll come and I'll claim my little young son
And teach him how to swim the foam"

"And ye shall marry a gunner good
And a right fine gunner I'm sure he'll be
But the very first shot that e'er he shoots
Will kill both my young son and me"


released March 30, 2019
Album art adapted from "Leisure Seal" by Ingrid Taylar, via CC4.0



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