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If you don't fear the coming robot apocalypse, you should! Get on the good side of our coming overlords by reminding yourself of all the good robots out there!


Robots can be mankind's friend
Do not fear for your world's end
Dance, friendly robots, dance, friendly robots
Us meatbags you transcend

Android Data is the boy for me
He lives up high on the Enterprise-D
Please, pretty Data, please, pretty Data
Interface with me

K-9 traveled with Doctor Who
Hung with Sarah Jane and Luke too
Oh, little tin dog, oh, little tin dog
You always come through

Little Roomba docks in a moon-shaped bay
Eating all the crumbs that are in my way
Suck, little Roomba, suck, little Roomba
Dust bunnies you slay

Daft Punk's got me feeling so free
Tonight dance, celebrate with me
Work harder, Daft Punk, make better, Daft Punk
Up to get lucky

Let's skip right over those Cybermen
Cylons, Decepticons, Replicants
Run! Puny humans, Run, Oh,
Futile is resistance


from I Choose You (Pokemon Love Song), released June 27, 2018
original tune "Kookaburra" by Marion Sinclair

Album art:
Model: Theodore, photo by Stefanie Hays




Madison Metricula Roberts Raleigh, North Carolina

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